The Atacama Ensemble was created with the idea to showcase Latin American and Andean music. The name is taken from the exotic Atacama Desert in Chile which is known to be the driest desert on earth.  All members have mastered multiple instruments and are outstanding classical and folkloric musicians.  Their repertoire includes rhythms like the Huaynos, Sayas, San Juanitos, Diabladas, and Joropos as well as Afro Peruvian music and Andean fusion. The instruments featured by this ensemble include sikus, toyos, rondadores, quenas, tarkas, charangos, Venezuelan cuatros and percussion such as bombo and Peruvian Cajon in addition to classical flute, voice and guitar.  All members of Atacama Ensemble have performed in many theaters throughout South America, Europe and the rest of the world.  
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